2018 In Review, Part Two: Temperature

How are weather stations stacking up against its period of record for 2018? Last week we looked at precipitation. This week we will examine the temperature of the United States. Are we on pace for another record warm year? Or has cold in the northern US region changed the overall results. We explore the data in this post.

Outreach and The Hour of Code

As a meteorologist and a big data software engineer, I believe in teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to students of all ages. I take time to visit schools in my local area to talk about weather, and the importance of coding. December 3rd - 9th is the annual Hour of Code event, and I am a big believer of its project. More details in this blog post.

The National Climate Assessment: Make it Relatable to Me

“Nobody in Iowa cares about sea level rise.”

Another quote that has resonated with me recently. It’s a call to action to make science stories relatable to people, especially if you are trying to talk about the risks of climate change. The recent National Climate Assessment report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program is trying to do this, and we explore some of its key messages.

The Weather of New York City's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City has been around since 1924, rain or shine. How many times did it shine, and how many times did it rain (or even snow?). We answer these questions using the official NYC weather station in Central Park, which has observed parade weather since its inception.

The Wonderful World of World Series Weather

Most Major League Baseball games take place in the summer, where temperatures are at their warmest. However, as fall approaches and October baseball commences, the temperatures cool as the bats heat up. We take a look at typical World Series game time conditions at all 30 MLB parks, and provide a brief insight into one of the coldest World Series to date.

Better Know a City Climatology: Nashville, TN

A historical analysis of temperature, precipitation, and snowfall information for the city of Nashville, Tennessee. We look at the warm 2018 summer, and compared it to other years, including an analysis of Cooling Degree Days. The May 2010 heavy precipitation event is also looked at in detail.