Weather Data in Action: Interactive GIS Map

Below is an example of some of my work gathering weather stations in the United States, running statistical analysis on each station, and visualizing the results via geographic information systems (GIS). The map displays 2017 annual temperature and precipitation departures from normal, here defined as a 30 year period from 1981-2010. For the temperature map, reds indicate warmer than normal temperatures, and blues indicate cooler than normal. Precipitation departures show wetter (green) and drier (brown) conditions. For a more detailed explanation, check out the blog post I wrote about an earlier version of this product.

The data is displayed using GIS technology from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). Clicking on a station will direct you to a time series (examples shown above), which provide more in-depth information about its weather extremes. The infographic below is available for public dissemination. Only stations in the United States are selected, however global data can be provided as part of my services. For more information, please contact me

If you have issues viewing the map, check it out here.